Sony PlayStation Hurt by Hackers, Still a Fan Fave

Gamespot recently surveyed 2,285 of its users, and found that 28 percent still trust Sony although they’ll be changing some of the info they’re willing to share. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) say they trust Sony more because now they’ll have to put better controls in place. The company is, in fact, now offering ID theft protection. And only 14 percent said they don’t trust Sony anymore.

With the company still reeling from a series of costly hacker attacks, this astonishing level of lingering trust may be the best asset Sony has right now for staging a business comeback.

The company announced that it’s expecting to move back to profitable in the fiscal year ending March 2012. But for now, its TV business has been stymied by the earthquake in March. The security breaches are costing the company hundreds of millions (the latest attack was over this past weekend). And the box-office flop How Do You Know was the big loser for the film unit for the year. The bright spot was PlayStation, which earned a profit.

While there was some dissent over how well the company handled the attacks — 57 percent said it was handled the right way while 43 percent disagree — 75 percent say they’re sticking with PlayStation. Good thing too because it sounds like PlayStation 4 is already in the works.