Sony Pictures Runs Away from Albuquerque

Since 2007, the downtown Albuquerque post-production studio operated by Sony Pictures Imageworks has helped out with some of Hollywood’s biggest titles: I Am Legend, Green Lantern and, currently The Amazing Spider-Man and Men in Black 3.

But come July, when the office space lease expires, current employees will be switching to computers in Vancouver and LA. The base economics of this decision will sound mighty familiar to many here on the west coast. From a report in the Albuquerque Journal:

“We offer the company 25 percent film incentives, while Vancouver is going to offer them 46 percent,” said Nick Maniatis, director of the New Mexico Film Office. “It just makes sense for them.”

An article in the LA Times has the number of affected employees at about half that of the Journal report (30 as opposed to 60). Either way, running away to B.C. or running back to LA is presumably better than being told the transfer involves Imageworks’ fourth location in Chennai, India.

[Photo of Albuquerque office location courtesy]