Sony Music Unlimited on iOS adds offline mode and high-quality streams


Image Courtesy Sony Entertainment Network

Sony’s Music Unlimited iOS app has been given a large content update, adding an offline mode and access to high-quality streaming. The music streaming service was first released as a free iOS app in May of 2012, although it requires a subscription to function.

Through this new update, Sony’s Music Unlimited now allows users to download songs, full albums and playlists for later use when the device is not connected to wi-fi or a cellular data connection. In addition, music can now be streamed at 320kbps, increasing the overall quality of a user’s listening experience.

Through their subscription to Music Unlimited, users are given unlimited skipping of tracks they don’t wish to listen to, as well as an ad-free mobile experience. Much like music streaming service Pandora, the app also allows users to create customized channels based around their favorite artists.

Apple recently unveiled its own music streaming service in iTunes Radio. The service will be available to all iOS users using iOS 7 this fall. The service also functions like Pandora, identifying users’ tastes and then playing similar music over time. However, users won’t be able to pick and choose individual songs to play, but individual songs can be used to form personalized stations.

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