Sony BMG to Sell DRM-Free Music on

Right on the heels of Sony’s announcement that they’re finally dropping DRM from their online music catalog, the company has also said they will begin selling tracks in Amazon’s MP3 store almost immediately, Forbes reports.

Sony BMG, the Sony/Bertelsmann joint-venture, had already been expected this quarter to start selling iTunes Store-like gift cards in stores, granting access to $12.99, MP3-format albums from a forthcoming website, according to the report. An unnamed source at Businessweek said Sony BMG will, around the same time, join the other labels giving away DRM-less tunes for free via Amazon in a SuperBowl-related promotion starting February 3.

The irony in all of this is that Apple is the one that originally made the plea to the labels to drop DRM. Now that they’ve all agreed to do it, they’re turning to Amazon and other outlets first, not Apple–presumably to reduce Apple’s stranglehold on the online music market.

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