Sony Announces Streaming TV and Gaming Service PlayStation Now

PlayStation is coming to your tablet

PlayStation caused a stir at CES this morning when Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced that the company would be launching not just a new service with DVR, on-demand and live television, but also a streaming game service that would ultimately allow users to play the company's vast game library on tablets and its Vita device.

PlayStation Now sounds like more than just an XBox One rip-off. Sony, one of the largest producers of film and TV in the world, has fewer barriers to content distribution than anyone else in the tech space. "We are one of the largest entertainment companies in the world and we will use our unique combination of entertainment properties […] and devices," House told the audience at the CES keynote. "We plan to start testing this service in the U.S. later this year."

House described PlayStation Now as "a cloud-based service" that provides "the most popular live TV programs combined with a large library of on-demand content." With respect to gaming, House promised a low-latency streaming experience of The Last of Us, one of the last PS3 games to push the capabilities of the hardware. It's hard to imagine—that particular game had long loading times from the disc—but as a bid to resurrect a piece of gaming hardware, the service sounds almost too good to be true.

The Xbox has been promoted as a one-box solution to cable and gaming clutter; Sony now appears to be proposing to provide all the content, as well as the single-box answer.

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