Sony and Facebook Are Making PlayStation More Social

Hours after PS4's debut

Sony's PlayStation 4 became available at midnight. One thing PS4 shoppers will likely notice right away is that the tech giant has partnered with Facebook to allow gamers to log into the new console with their account on the social media platform. 

Financial terms were not disclosed. Among the key features make possible as part of the new the agreement include letting players use their Facebook profile photo and real names on PlayStation. But probably more importantly, the PS4 controller features a "share" button that lets users grab in-game photos and video and then push the content to their friends on Facebook.

So for PlayStation, the move gives its users a streamlined way to interact with their gaming friends on Facebook. It also potentially makes PlayStation distinct from Xbox, which has for years promoted its own social network (Xbox Live). And for Mark Zuckerberg & Co., it will increase the user-generated gaming content in people's news feeds while also likely augmenting the digital giant ability to identify game enthusiasts for ad-targeting purposes.

Additionally, it may help to reverse Facebook's waning appeal among the teens and early twenty-somethings.  


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