Sonnenschein Turning His Back on LAT or Just Waiting for Schwartzenegger?


Michael Sonnenschein can’t seem to decide if his copy-cat LAT in 94 Seconds is going to be a regular thing. First posted on Wed., he introduced it with this:

A while ago, I edited a Los Angeles media blog for, a ‘Learning Annex’-type organization for aspiring journalists. One daily feature was ‘LAT in 90 Seconds,’ highlighting the LAT’s most relevant stories (or, at least,the most Schwarzenegger-licious). Well, I’m older and slower now, and, let’s face it, so are you, so I’m adding an extra four seconds!

We’ll pretend to ignore the little dig–at one time he was pleased to have never been a professional journalist while posting here, and his status is still secure. But Thursday–no LAT in however many seconds.

Maybe it’s an every-other-day kind of thing. Or just when there’s an Arnold story.