Songbird Releases Social Music Discovery App For Android

Songbird, a social music discovery site has just updated its Android app. Boasting that it is better than Pandora, Spotify and iTunes, Songbird was designed to make personal recommendations for music fans based on the complaints of the failure of other music recommendation engines.

According to Songbird’s own research, more than 93% of music lovers are on the lookout for new artists and new music but “said that the search process is often fruitless and very difficult.” To address this issue, Songbird’s algorithms pull content from across the Internet including Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Wikipedia,, and Flickr. They claim to suggest new artists, “based on the music and artists a fan already knows and loves, not just what everyone else is already listening to.”

The Social Times explains the interface: “When you log into Songbird with your Facebook account, the discovery tool will up a panel of artists that you can follow, share on Facebook, or skip if you want to see something new. You can also see what your friends like to get ideas. If you don’t like any of the suggested artists, use the search bar to find your favorites and click ‘follow.’ Once you do this, you can click on the ‘what’s new’ tab to check out the latest news from your favorite artists.”