Song Pop tops this week’s chart of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

FreshPlanet’s Song Pop took the top spot on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, up by 1.1 million MAU for a gain of 141 percent.

Chinese-language role-playing game【猛將無雙】★★★★★ 超人氣!你的朋友都在玩 (“[Reggie unparalleled】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ super popular! Your friends are playing”) took the No. 2 spot, increasing by 22 percent with an increase of 135,927 MAU. SGN’s Jewels of the Amazon came in at No. 3 with 100,000 MAU, good for a nine percent gain. Manuel Otto’s Stick Run snagged the No. 4 position with 100,000 MAU, showing a relatively small increase of two percent in MAU. Finally, CrowdStar’s It Girl completes this week’s top five games on the list, also gaining 100,000  MAU for a two percent gain.

Aside from Song Pop, three other games this week had gains larger than 50 percent.’s soccer game mein Klub was up by 50,000 MAU, a 500 percent gain that is likely due to the Euro Cup 2012. THQ’s UFC Undisputed Fight Nation brought in 30,000 MAU for a 50 percent increase — again probably because of several recent, high-profile UFC fights, as well as the recent announcement that Electronic Arts had acquired the video game rights to the franchise. Finally, IGG’s 泰坦戰爭-首款3D大型網遊,全新引擎,史詩大作,超震撼視覺感受,遊覽眾古文明!★★★★★ (“Titan war – the first 3D large-scale online games, new engine, epic masterpiece, super stunning visual feelings, to visit all the ancient civilizations! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★”) snagged 20,000 MAU for a 67 percent gain, likely due to cross-traffic from its recently-launched Facebook MMO Moonlight Online.

Clarification: Jellyvision Games’s trivia game You Don’t Know Jack didn’t appear on this list due to a classification error on AppData; it would have taken the No. 3 spot with 130,000 MAU for a 325 percent increase. The error’s been fixed and the game will show up on future charts.

1. Song Pop1,900,000+1,110,000+ 141%
2. 【猛將無雙】★★★★★ 超人氣!你的朋友都在玩745,927+135,927+ 22%
3. Jewels of the Amazon1,200,000+100,000+ 9%
4. Stick Run5,000,000+100,000+ 2%
5. It Girl1,300,000+100,000+ 8%
6. Top Eleven be a Football Manager4,600,000+100,000+ 2%
7. FarmVille21,500,000+100,000+ 0.47%
8. Bingo Bash2,200,000+100,000+ 5%
9. Angry Birds220,000+50,000+ 29%
10. mein Klub60,000+50,000+ 500%
11. Foto Memória330,000+40,000+ 14%
12. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game90,000+30,000+ 50%
13. Ninja Soul210,000+30,000+ 17%
14. Lucky Bingo400,000+30,000+ 8%
15. Guitar Hero III130,000+30,000+ 30%
16. World War120,000+20,000+ 20%
17. 泰坦戰爭-首款3D大型網遊,全新引擎,史詩大作,超震撼視覺感受,遊覽眾古文明!★★★★★50,000+20,000+ 67%
18. Dice with Buddies440,000+20,000+ 5%
19. Card Ace: Casino200,000+20,000+ 18%
20. iMobsters90,000+20,000+ 29%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users later today and top emerging apps on Friday.

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