Song Bird?

pellicanoshot.jpgRoger Friedman says Anthony Pellicano is getting ready to sing. Citing unnamed sources, Friedman says that the fact that he took a plea bargain in a 2003 ammunition possession case means he’ll likely do the same again in this recent wiretap case.

Even if this turns out to be true, we doubt it will be very juicy. A man who trafficks in celeb secrets probably won’t rat out his celeb clients, but there are likely grunts who could suffer from Pellicano’s warbles.

Anthony Pellicano may be ready to roll over and tell the cops the news. Sources tell me that the private investigator, who’s been in jail since 2004, may yet rat out his former clients to save his skin.

Observers of Pellicano point out that in 2003 he wound up taking a plea bargain in his ammunition possession case so he’d have a shorter term.

But this past June, Pellicano told The Los Angeles Times he would remain loyal to all the clients the district attorney consequently focused on.

In 2003, Pellicano said similar things in the press in May. By September, he was talking.

To top this off, last week former reporter Anita Busch, who’s suing Pellicano, made news by adding a name to the list of defendants she’s pursuing: former agent Michael Ovitz.

And while Ovitz immediately disavowed any knowledge of Pellicano’s harassment of Busch, some insiders are saying that the timing of Busch’s filing is no accident.