Sometrics Launches Virtual Currency Platform

Today Sometrics will be announcing the launch of their Virtual Currency Platform. Companies like Offerpal, Social Cash, SuperRewards, Social Media, and others have been providing developers with ways to monetize their applications through virtual currencies. The Sometrics platform aims to help developers optimize how those currency networks are optimized.

Jesse Farmer wrote the best way to optimize ad networks was through randomization. This may be accurate based on the sample numbers provided by Sometrics but if you have a large amount of inventory, small changes make a lot of sense. Many of the large ad networks have already been optimizing their advertisements through internally developed analytics tools.

For many of the smaller developers, building an advertising platform is overly cumbersome and that’s where Sometrics (and others like kontagent) come in. One think that I’m personally wondering is when Sometrics and others will begin to extend their analytics services outside of social networks. Urchin for instance (which is the base of Google Analytics), uses cookies to track users across networks.

Sometrics seems focused on helping developers monetize their applications more effectively and there’s nobody complaining about that. Just last week Kristen posted about Sometrics growth and how they are nearing 2,000 publishers. The real test will be how quickly many of the dominant social platform analytics services can extend to the rest of the web. Only time will tell but for those developers looking to track their virtual currency performance, Sometrics has a new tool for you.

To learn more about it check out the Sometrics blog post.