Sometrics Launches Social Ad Platform

Sometrics, the leading social analytics platform, will announce today at the Under the Radar Conference that they are launching a social ad platform. This is the first of its kind and provides more robust analytics than Facebook’s SocialAds currently provide. It is targeted toward applications build on social platforms including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and others. The platform can target by demographics, geography and social interests (music, sports, etc).

We recently posted about Sometrics first round of funding from the Mail Room Fund, an investment fund that combines big Hollywood with VCs from Silicon Valley (Accel and Venrock). The company is a favorite among many developers and will continue to be thanks to this new ad platform. Ian Swanson, CEO of Sometrics, provided me with some amazing screenshots that I’ve included below.

This is not an ad network but instead a platform which enables developers to embed ad code based on specific demographics. This will also be extremely useful for empowering developers to experiment with various ad networks and adjust placements based on demographic information hopefully increasing their CPMs over time. It is impressive to see Sometrics outpace Facebook in their innovation of social analytics services.

Banner Install Screenshot
Sometrics Ads Screenshot 1

Ad Zone Banner Screenshot
Sometrics Ads Screenshot 2

Click-Through Rate By Age
Sometrics Ads Screenshot 2

Click-Through Rate By Age 2
Sometrics Ads Screenshot 2