Sometrics Experiences Continued Growth on Social Platforms

As the first investment for recently formed capital group The Mailroom Fund, Sometrics launched last year in hopes of leveraging the increasing cross-network presence of user applications on the web. Over a year later, Sometrics is reporting 1,800 publishers of social applications and communities now using its social advertising and measurement solutions, with 1 billion ads served across its participating sites and networks.

The purpose of these solutions from Sometrics? To increase traffic and revenue. These are two very important aspects for any social media application that relies on traffic and traction for income, whether the application or network gains this income from advertising or the sale of services or products. What Sometrics does is provide analytics and advertisement metrics for social applications. Its niche, however, could be considered its cross-platform solution that takes advantage of the multi-network experience often seen by end users.

Thanks to opening platforms and other forms of data-sharing, Sometrics’ service may become all the more necessary. Especially in light of Facebook, Google and MySpace initiatives for data-sharing, all of which result in efforts to be the standard platform for conducing social activity on the web, developers and third party applications will need an outside organization to gain comprehensive perspective on their activity and permeation across all these networks.

While Facebook and Google have been steadily increasing the amount of metrics offered to developers, it doesn’t help as much to offer a glance at the overall success of a given distributed, cross-network application. The same goes for advertising, in the distributive sense. From ad aggregation to publishing solutions, Sometrics is planting its roots on two ends of the spectrum in terms of its ability to offer analytics for publishers and advertisers, which could help its own efforts cooperatively.

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