Sometrics Gets Funding

Back in March I wrote about the launch of the Sometrics Facebook application. Peter Kafka is reporting that Sometics has just received their first round of funding from the L.A. based Mailroom Fund. The Mailroom Fund is “sponsored by William Morris Agency, Accel Partners and Venrock.”

Sometrics is currently the leading social analytics application on Facebook and it also has the potential to expand beyond. I’ve already been discussing with others the implications of having an analytics tool that takes advantage of the new Facebook Connect platform and the competing services being launched by Google and MySpace. Currently Google Analytics, the leading analytics program, doesn’t provide demographic data as it applies to gender and age.

Sometrics and some of their competitors are now able to make this possible even on external websites. There is still a substantial opportunity for improving analytics programs. From one tool to another, the numbers continue to deviate which means that nobody has been able to solve the analytics problem even today. Facebook is currently the only platform to provide analytical tools to developer however limited they may be.

The social analytics space now has multiple players and it will be exciting to see how this component of social networks grows over the coming months and years.