Sometimes When You Hear Enough Bad News, It’s Time to Read About Something Good

showImage.jpgOn those are days when this writer gets sick reading about the war on terrorism, whatever’s going wrong with Lindsey, Britney or Paris, and she’s desperate for some happy headlines, she turns to Happy News.

Right now a big story is the Art Loss Register, an online computer archive that can track stolen art (hurrah!) Currently this one-of-a-kind resource is on the trail for two Picassos stolen from Paris (the French city not the previously mentioned debutante) last week. Within hours after Picasso’s “Maya with Doll” (1938) and “Portrait of Jacqueline” (1961), which are together valued at $65 million, were stolen from the artist’s grand-daughter’s home, information about both artworks were listed on the Register. Thankfully details about the two paintings should curtail resale prospects and lead police to the thieves. Just in the past decade alone information on the Art Loss Register has helped recoup paintings by Manet, Delacroix, Giacometti, Constable as well as a Queen Anne cabinet and a Roman marble head of Dionysius. Now, this writer has no masterpieces to worry about but if anyone ever steals her sister’s modernist painting of a woman and a star, she knows where to turn.