Sometimes, A Newsroom Needs Alcohol

0103wildturkey.jpgAn 126-year-old newspaper in the E.W. Scripps chain shut their presses down on December 31. The Cincinnati Post ceased publication and, as these things do, the last day memo made it on its way to the internet. Here is the part that caught our eye (and, yes, other people’s eyes too):

John Vissman will arrange for food, beverages and treats for all as we get the last editions out, clean out our desks and say good-bye. But… tempting as it may be… please do not bring any alcoholic beverages into the newsroom. Let’s go out like the professionals we have been these last, difficult weeks.”

No booze in a newsroom? On the last day? What the hell? Jack Shafer, who we’re starting to love more and more, writes:

Every profession needs what academics call an “occupational mythology” to sustain it, a set of personal and social dramas, arrangements, and devices, as sociologist Everett Hughes put it, “by which men make their work tolerable, or even make it glorious to themselves and others.” As hard drugs are to the hard-rocker and tattoos are to the NBA player, so booze is to the journalist-even if he doesn’t drink.

We agree and it’s a damn shame that Post editor Mike Phillips didn’t get it. Now get us a bottle of Wild Turkey and a six pack of Yuengling Lager, alright?