‘Someone With Tiny Hands’: the Best Chrome Extension Mishap Ever?

"Suddenly, Someone With Tiny Hands was only the nation’s second-most-compelling political psychodrama."

This correction on Wednesday morning at the bottom of a Wired piece about Donald Trump read as follows:

Correction at 9:58 a.m. on 3/09/2016: Due to an oversight involving a haphazardly-installed Chrome extension during the editing process, the name Donald Trump was erroneously replaced with the phrase “Someone With Tiny Hands” when this story originally published.

If you’re Wired, it’s probably not an error you’re happy to have made, but if you’re not Wired, well…

As Donald Trump coverage moved from a one-day curiosity when he announced his run to an inescapable, all-platform assault on the senses, Chrome extensions popped up to save the day for those wanting to control the level and manner of Trump content within their browsers.

There’s an extension created by Fusion that places one of Trump’s own quotes between his first and last name, à la Donald “We need global warming” Trump. There’s an extension that allows you nix all mention of Trump, to “delete Donald Trump from the Internet,” as the tagline of Trump Filter goes.

And there is the Make America’s Hands Tiny Again extension, whose replacement text went unnoticed by Wired editors, to great effect.

The extension struck before in an earlier piece that Wired has since corrected, but you can see the uncorrected versions of both for yourself, preserved in archival amber thanks to the Wayback Machine. Here’s a taste, emphasis ours:

SOMEONE WITH TINY Hands may have bullied his way into the center of the American political arena, but during his Super Tuesday victory speech last week, the real action took place in the margins. That’s where you could find Chris Christie apparently lost in reverie, his bewildering expressions instantly stealing the spotlight from Someone With Tiny Hands’s choreographed Main Event. Twitter exploded with interpretations. Was he being held hostage? Realizing he had made a Gob Bluth-like “huge mistake”? Experiencing all the stages of grief simultaneously? Suddenly, Someone With Tiny Hands was only the nation’s second-most-compelling political psychodrama. Within minutes, Viners had re-cut the video, editing Someone With Tiny Hands out of the frame entirely and zooming in on Christie’s face. The supporting player had become the star.