Someone Stop the Internet Before It Kills Again!

Over at England’s Telegraph web site, writer Matthew Moore lists 50 things the Internet either already has killed or is in the process of mercilessly snuffing out. Says Moore:

The internet is no respecter of reputations: innocent people have seen their lives ruined by viral clips distributed on the same World Wide Web used by activists to highlight injustices and bring down oppressive regimes.

Here are some of the Internet’s victims as compiled (in no particular order) by Moore and his colleagues:

The art of polite disagreement
The most raucous sections of the blogworld seem incapable of accepting sincerely held differences of opinion; all opponents must have “agendas”.

Sure, but that’s because they’re all corrupt whores and effin’ morons.

Adolescent nerves at first porn purchase
The ubiquity of free, hard-core pornography on the web has put an end to one of the most dreaded rights rites of passage for teenage boys — buying dirty magazines.

These kids today, they have it easy.

Hoaxes and conspiracy theories
The internet is often dismissed as awash with cranks, but it has proved far more potent at debunking conspiracy theories than perpetuating them.

Yeah, the Internet really helped nip that Obama “birther” theory in the bud. It was a one-day story!

Enforceable copyright
The record companies, film studios and news agencies are fighting back, but can the floodgates ever be closed?

No. They. Can’t.

Trust in Nigerian businessmen and princes

Some gift horses should have their mouths very closely inspected.

Clearly this is a loss we all share. Who among us can forget when the unique thrill of receiving royal email turned to bitterness and cynicism? For me that moment came on the tarmac at Murtala Muhammed International Airport after my third trip to Lagos. Fortunately I’m a quick study.