Someone In On-Air Graphics at Fuel TV Better Be Getting Fired Today


Remember a few weeks back when we got all psyched about Jonathan WellsSwerve Festival held here in LA? One of the coolest aspects of this new festival was that the highlights were to be broadcast on a special airing on Fuel TV November 9. Turns out it was not so cool…Viewers Like U (nice redesign, by the way) points us to this image captured by Hustler of Culture, who had this to say about the broadcast of the show:

“We hosted a dinner and screening of the SwerveFest 1-Hour Special and spent most of the night pointing to our telly, laughing at insane misspellings of names of peeps we knew. Fuel TV’s insistence on spelling names phonetically was pretty damn hilarious.”

We’re glad she’s able to laugh about it, but over here at Design Advocacy Central Headquarters, we’re not so amused. We know that for all the motion graphics designers, producers, and animators out there, typing letters can be laborious and irksome, but the beauty of working on the miracle that is the computer is that it comes equipped with a little thing called the internet, which, if pressed, can become a very handy tool for spellchecking the names of rather prominent artists, designers and filmmakers.

We expect some serious retribution here. How about not just fixing the spellings but airing the special one more time for each incorrect letter? And some personal apologies. Poor Geoff McFetridge deserves the biggest one of all.