Somebody’s Getting A Bonus This Year–At A Newspaper!

The Austin American-Statesman is giving employees a bonus this year and is giving everyone a raise, according to a memo printed at Romenesko.

“Our (your) strong expense controls and an improvement in our revenue trend will allow us to continue the tradition of paying a holiday bonus this year – albeit slightly smaller than last. The Statesman will finish 2009 with a respectable profit and good prospects for next year. This is a tremendous accomplishment given the continued bad economic conditions and other challenges we have faced together,” wrote Michael Vivio, the publisher of the American-Statesman.

Furthermore, raises are going to be about 1.5 percent for everyone, on average.

It’s fantastic news to see a paper doing well enough to pay its employees bonuses. Of course, some of the bonus money may be coming from the salaries of the 71 employees who took buyouts earlier this year.