Some Woman Sues Disney Because Frozen Was Her ‘Life Story’


Art imitates life?

Meet Isabella Tanikumi.

She’s a New Jersey-based author who also goes by L. Amy Gonzalez. Still not ringing a bell? What about her 2010 autobiography Living My Truth? We didn’t read it either — and that fact may explain the pending litigation behind this story.

According to CNN Money, Tanikumi has filed a $250 million lawsuit claiming that Disney’s animated film about Princess Anna, her magical sister Elsa and their talking snowman Olaf took elements from her aforementioned 2010 collection of words on paper.

Yes, Frozen was her life story.

Court documents obtained by E! News include a list of 18 “elements” from the film that Tanikumi claims were plagiarized directly from her book. Ready? They include:

  • The setting is a village surrounded by snow-covered mountains
  • It features a story about two sisters who love each other
  • They are brought closer together by a terrible accident
  • The older sister accidentally hurts the younger sister
  • Both sisters experience personal tragedy
  • Younger sister falls in love
  • Betrayal occurs some way, somehow
  • One sister becomes a recluse
  • Something something, the moon
  • Doors and/or gates open
  • Two male characters: Hans and Cristoff in her book; Hans and Kristoff in the movie.

To be fair, that last coincidence was a little weird. Of course, there’s no mention of Tanikumi accidentally freezing her own kingdom. Surely, that bombshell would have made a news cycle or two: we can imagine several news outlets would be quite happy to declare the end of global warming.

Oh, and then:

When asked for comment, a Disney spokeswoman evoked the film’s most famous tune in this e-mail response: “This is beyond ridiculous, she needs to let it go.”

Mic. Dropped.

No word yet on whether Tanikumi’s best friend also happens to be a talking snowman, but we’ll be the first to let you know.