Some Thoughts on Print and eBook Bundling

Last week, Barnes & Noble announced it would begin experimenting with bundling print and eBooks together, an idea this blogger wholly endorses.


Why not bundle print and eBooks together? Obviously, publishers will say that means selling one product when the could be selling two. But for the music industry, offering a download coupon for a new album–especially for mail order customers and vinyl lovers–has kept fans loyal to record labels and buying hard copies of records. The idea of print and eBook bundling is in line with Amazon and other device and app makers’ notion that one should be able to read a book on whatever screen one has on hand.


Aren’t there books you would love to have in both eBook and print editions, reading the big old print book at home, and taking the eBook with you on your iPhone or eReader. Might you even be willing to pay, say, four or five bucks more to get both together? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.