Some Overused “Buzzwords” Still As Overused As Ever

SEO and PR strategist Adam Sherk used the new PRFilter technology (it allows users to search for press releases and build a file of those they’re most interested in) to re-research “overused buzzwords.” Which ones were still on top?

Sherk found that “solution” is still the most popular one, but “that figure is skewed by regular usage of that word.” However second on the list is “leading provider.” Boo. “Leading” and “award winning” came in third and fourth.

A number of words fell off the list including “largest,” “top,” and “easy to use.” Hurray.

Let’s see if we can work on “best in class,” “industry leading,” and any quote that talks about someone being “excited” that something is happening. Seriously. We know you’re excited. That’s why you sent out a press release.

Bit of an aside, Adam Sherk will be speaking at Mediabistro’s upcoming Socialize conference, focused on monetizing social media, taking place March 31 through April 1 here in NYC. For more info, click here.