These Onion Journalism Tips Are Short on Laughs

Netflix and yawn.

To help promote the Ricky GervaisEric Bana Netflix comedy feature Special Correspondents, The Onion has cranked out a pair of short posts sponsored by the streaming network. Unfortunately, the April 29 and May 5 entries are about as clever as the film.

We get it; these are ads, not sterling Onion content. Still, there’s no reason “Journalism Style Tips” should twice and consecutively make the same general joke about reporters using profanity (there are five jokes, total) or end with a punchline that makes little sense in this digital age.

Another problem with the items is that they are labeled as infographics, despite the lack of info and, especially, absence of compelling text-layered graphics. Maybe that’s part of the joke. You know, along with the hilarity of there being no byline.

It would have been funnier if these sponsored bits had leveraged The Onion’s new Univision layer. Maybe even by way of a faux newsroom reporter sharing in-the-trenches silliness. Better luck next Netflix time!

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