Some of These Tates Are Not Like the Others

The Your Collection at the Tate Britain museum reminds us of a class we took in college about sociology and how people experience museums. It was very interesting, though that’s about all we remember from the class, proving, that, if you’re one of our many teenage writers, all of your theories were correct about school and you should quit immediately and find some blogging company that will hire you to write about stuff. Anyway, it’s an online collection about collections, and it’s, of course, a little promo to show you what’s in the museum, but it’s a very good promo and we like things that are good. And stuff. See? We didn’t even need school to write well either. Here’s the museum’s collection’s collection scoop:

Tate has devised a new way of looking at the Displays with a range of themed ‘Collections’. These suggest a number of personal journeys you could take, reflecting different moods and enthusiasms and revealing the extraordinary breadth of work on show. Here you can experience some Collections that have already been curated from the artworks currently on show at Tate Britain – have a look at these and then why not create your own Collection?