Some Men May Be Drinking Dr. Pepper Ten To ‘Keep an Attractive Woman’

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Pepper introduced a diet cola for men, Dr. Pepper Ten, which is filled with testosterone juice, the essence of BBQ sauce, and only 10 “manly” calories. Comedy blog “Late Night Early” sent notice to Dr. Pepper that he wouldn’t be drinking this new Ten version because it will turn off all the hot ladies he hopes to go out with.

A rep from Dr. Pepper’s consumer relations team actually responded to the ridiculous letter, saying that she’s an independent woman who will eat and drink what she wants — marketing be damned! — and she knows that men between the ages of 25 and 34 will drink Dr. Pepper Ten because they’re making choices about what to eat and drink. (?) She doesn’t rule out that that choice may be based on the ability to “keep an attractive” woman.

Let’s give Dr. Pepper a point for responding to a consumer inquiry, no matter how outlandish the query seems. And one more point for sticking with the “we’re just having a laugh” talking point. But Dr. Pepper Ten’s marketing is still kind of dumb. Consumers seem to agree, with the YouGov BrandIndex showing that positive buzz for the new product has been sinking.

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