Some iPad Accessories from Apple Not Available Until May or June :-(

With a mere working week before the iPad is released this Saturday, here’s an update on when various Apple iPad peripherals are shipping:

Ships by Apr. 3: iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
Ships Apr. 15 for delivery by Apr. 20: iPad Case
Ships late April: iPad Keyboard Dock
Ships late April: iPad Camera Connection Kit
Ships May 28: iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

One of the more interesting accessories, the VGA display adapter, will be one of the few available near launch time. If it ships on April 3, I expect to get mine in early next week. My iPad will, however, be naked until April 20 according to the unusual specification of both shipping and delivery dates. The Keyboard Dock won’t be available until early May based on the late April ship date. And, I won’t have a spare power adapter until early June from the looks of the current ship dates.

I have some alternate accessories in hand though. So, expect to see reports about them here next week.