(Some) Facebook Marketers Can Finally Start Playing With Animated GIFs

Wendy's and Coke-owned Kuat are among first to loop

Looping video fans, rejoice. After rolling out GIFs to user pages in May, Facebook is now opening up the animated clips to a small percentage of brand pages.

It's been a long-awaited tool for marketers who are already accustomed to posting GIFs on Tumblr, Twitter and Imgur. Facebook also has made moves to support GIFs to build on the success of autoplay video.

As a workaround, some brands like Trolli and Chubbies have played with video hacks to upload short, animated loops in recent months.

But according to TechCrunch, Wendy's and Coke-owned German soda Kuat are the first to test out actual GIFs on the social network. The fast food brand's post promotes a salad bowl, while Kuat's, as shown above, features a branded Nyan Cat trailing a rainbow behind it.

Facebook is also allowing some brands to test using animated GIFs as promoted posts in users' news feeds.

"GIFs can be a fun and compelling way to communicate, so we've started testing GIF support in posts and boosted posts for a small percentage of Facebook Pages," Facebook said in a statement. "We will evaluate whether it drives a great experience for people before rolling it out to more Pages."

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