Some Differing Opinions On What the Lack of a Red Carpet Does to Fashion Design


Now that we’ve all been spared the Golden Globes, with hopefully more cancellations to come (this is strictly this writer’s opinion), there’s been a lot of talk about what this lack of awards shows is doing to the fashion designer, like in this piece from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Writer’s Strike is Cutting Fashion Industry’s Red-Carpet Exposure,” which tells a story of desperate, confused designers now without an outlet to show off their work. While we feel for anyone losing work, we tend to think this is an absurd argument, given that there are no fewer than six bazillion new magazines, television shows and blogs to launch each and every day talking about what just one, single celebrity is wearing both to big events and simple trips to Starbucks. If anything, this half-second breath of fresh air before we’re involuntarily snowed under by it all is a welcomed change. And we’re glad that Cathy Horyn at the NY Times sees it our way, as her recent piece, “Are Awards Really Awards Without a Red Carpet?” which can be roughly summed up as such: “This really isn’t a big deal to any major fashion designer.” For the little guy, sure, and we once again express our feelings for them. But for everyone else, it’s a big “eh.”