Some Companies Are Making IR Very Accessible

An analysis conducted by XbInsight takes a close look at the 33 companies shortlisted for this year’s European IR awards and found that while many of these companies make the contact info for their IRO easy to find, others are keeping it under lock and key.

Novo Nordisk of Denmark, the Netherlands’ Sligro Food Group, and Belgium’s Umicore all scored highest (nine out of 10 points), for making their IRO accessible with phone numbers, email addresses, and other info. Novo Nordisk also provides mobile numbers and photos.

The companies on the bottom barely give any info at all.

UK-based AstraZeneca and Danish food enzyme company Christian Hansen each got one point. AstraZeneca only provides a general number for the IR department.

Great Portland Estates, a real estate company also in the UK got zero points because it doesn’t have an IR department (despite being up for an IR award). The CEO and CFO fill these roles.

This info as well as a list of winners will be available in the Investor Perception Study: Europe 2011, available after the awards ceremony,  which is taking place on Thursday in London.