Some Android Developers Are Making Money

The current commonly accepted belief is that developers are making more money writing iPhone apps than they are writing Android apps. This belief has been supported by sales numbers and other data over the past year, but there are signs indicating that the tide is turning, and some developers are starting to make more money on Android than iPhone.
Computerworld blogger JR Raphel as an article about one such developer, Spacetime Studios, developer of the popular game Pocket Legends. According to data that Spacetime provided to Raphel, daily user activity from Android users is double that of iPhone users. Spacetime generates most of its money from in-app purchases, and they say Android users are generating 30 to 50 percent more revenue than iPhone users. Spacetime is also getting more ad click-through revenue from Android users than iPhone users.
Raphel doesn’t offer much in the form of possible explanations for why Spacetime Studios is getting such better results on Android. I have a couple of theories, including the fact that Pocket Legends, being an 3D MMO game, might appeal to more technical users that typically select Android over iPhone. Other factors might include how Pocket Legends appears in the Android Market, and it might even be the case that Spacetime Studios is benefiting from the growth of Android. Regardless of the reason, if you are a fan of Android, the fact that developers might start seeing Android as the more profitable platform is positive because that can mean more apps, or at the very least seeing more apps being released on Android at the same time as on iPhone.