Some 15 More Twitter Applications for Your Twittering Needs

twitter_logo.jpgCouldn’t get enough of Twitter applications? Here are some more of them.

Twitterratio – gives you the ratio of your followers to the number of people you follow measured using Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio. When you get a high ratio, that means you are getting popular on Twitter.

twitzu1.gifTwitzu – An event creation application for Twitter which lets you enter your event information and have it tweeted to all of your Twitter followers. Yes you can even include an RSVP message.

twizon.jpgTwizon – Twitter meets Amazon and so you have Twitzon. It compiles all Tweets that reference Amazon. It’s your chance to find about what books Twitter folks are buying, reading, and reviewing.

twitag.jpgTwitag – Hash tagging goes to our favorite Twitter. Lets you organize your tweets according to a specific tag subjects/keywords.

happytwitdaylogo.gifHappyTwitDay – After hashtagging, we also have Birthday tagging. Lets you find out who got a Tweet that greets them a “Happy Birthday”.

tweelow.jpgTweelow – A Twitter application that lets you find people based on what they Tweet. Tweelow uses member’s profile to categorize people into various subjects such as arts, business travel, technology etc.

tweetlist_logo.pngTweetlist – Lets you organize the most recent links on Twitter’s public timeline based on criteria that you set. Gives you the most recent links, and how many times links have been tweeted.

tweetwire.jpgTweetwire – Now this one I must say is a very useful application for Twitter. It’s the first human filtered Twitter news service that may look like any regular news aggregator but boasts of links that are picked up by humans and not robots.

twitscoop.jpgTwitscoop – Lets you track what words are being used most at any given moment at Twitter. Twitscoop crawls through hundreds of tweets per minute and pull out words that appear most frequently on Tweets.

picklogo.gifPick of the Twitter – Lets you find the best Tweets which it gave a star treatment. It’s the cream of the tweet crop, culled every hour of the day from the Twitter public timeline.

tweetcube.jpgTweetCube -Lets you upload and post files to your Twitter account. Be it image, song, video or whatever else you want to share.

Twitsay – Lets you record a voice message that will accompany your Twitter message. This one is definitely cool.

tweet2tweet.jpgTweet 2 Tweet – Allows you to view conversations between two Twitter users using Twitter’s public timeline. This is similar to the “wall-to-wall” feature on Facebook.

twiturls.pngTwitturls – Lets you check out the most popular links tweeted on Twitter’s public timeline. It list down the site links based on popularity and where they are posted.

twitgraphlogo.pngTwitgraph -Measures you and your tweets. Gives out a nice piece of graph of your Twitter status and your tweeting habits.