Solving America’s Weight Problem With Subliminal Home Furnishings


To end the day on a fun note for this writer, here’s one of the oddest press releases we’ve ever received. Kyle Design, based out of Livermore, California, which makes, well, a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff, sent out this release saying that filling your home with pieces of…stuff…that have fruit and vegetable patterns while subliminally remind people to eat better and live healthier lives. Then, of course, they list the kinds of things they sell that have, yes, fruit and vegetable patterns on them. Who knows though, right? Maybe that’s the secret. We just sneak into the homes of the 80% or so of Americans who are overweight, wallpaper-up their kitchens with things like light tomato silhouettes or fun, lively dancing pears, and suddenly everyone is back to their ideal weights. Might be worth a shot, right?