Solve crimes using psychic abilities in Psychic Clues on Facebook


Hidden object fans have a new option on Facebook, as Psychic Clues is growing in popularity on the platform. The game challenges players to solve a series of crimes using psychic abilities, completing both hidden object scenes and mini-games to make progress.

Psychic Clues greatly resembles Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case, as players watch dialog between their character and others, before completing hidden object scenes to find clues at each crime scene. These scenes offer hints to find items that may be particularly hard-to-find.

Players earn points, coins and experience points for each scene completed. They’re encouraged to play scenes multiple times in order to earn mastery stars, as well as increase their previous high score. Scenes require energy to complete, while other actions require those mastery stars, which slows down overall progress.

In between scenes, players can analyze their clues in the lab, using both science and psychic abilities to uncover additional details about the crimes. These experiments may be passive, simply requiring time to complete (and allowing the game to progress even when players aren’t around), or can include reflex-driven mini-games, among others.

Psychic Clues currently sits at over 184,000 monthly active users (MAU), according to our app tracking service AppData. Its available to play for free on Facebook.