Solve a murder mystery in Detective Tales on Facebook

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If you’re a fan of Criminal Case or Hidden Shadows on Facebook, Webgames’ Detective Tales might be right up your alley. The game asks players to help solve a murder, which has left a famous journalist framed, but without a memory as to her apparent involvement in the crime.

As players investigate the crime scene, they’ll complete quests and watch the story unfold through a series of present day and flashback sequences. In each, players will navigate through closets, gardens and more, finding lockpicks, knives, keys, and other clues to help them out along the way.

Collectibles are a huge part of Detective Tales, as items like tweezers, rubber gloves and more pop out of closets and drawers and into the player’s collection. Key items are found in the same way, in a process based more on trial and error than skill.

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Players will travel to multiple locations during their investigation, but the general flow of gameplay remains the same. That is, users click on drawers, wardrobes, chairs and every other interactive item in a room, until they find the key item to progress the story. Users earn experience points as they play, along with premium currency.

The vast array of non-key collectable items can be used to unlock special objects, and are necessary to progress in the story. Since players may leave garbage and searchable items behind after they’ve found key items, this addition encourages players to search through literally everything before calling it quits in a single room.

Detective Tales is available to play for free on Facebook. It has over 386,000 monthly active players, according to AppData.

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