Solve a Facebook mystery in Jane Goodhart’s Journals of the Unknown

Image via The Other Guys

Game developer The Other Guys has released Jane Goodhart’s Journals of the Unknown on Facebook. As the latest game in Facebook’s growing hidden object genre, Journals of the Unknown enters a crowded field of games including Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case and Zynga’s Hidden Shadows.

Journals of the Unknown stars journalist Jane Goodhart, who begins her latest investigation into Salem witch hunts with a car accident in the middle of a spooky forest. The game’s overall progression is linear, following a scripted storyline that sees players controlling Jane’s movements around the screen via simple point and click controls. It’s up to players to find a missing girl, tracking down clues to Salem (and elsewhere) and get to the bottom of the game’s overall mystery.

When compared to other hidden object games on Facebook, Journals of the Unknown feels more like a traditional PC download game than a social Facebook game. Players complete hidden objects scenes to find key items that are used in at least one location to progress the story, and they’ll complete quests as they move through the game’s environments and find clues.

Image via The Other Guys

Scenes can be replayed in-between large story chapters in order to earn additional collectibles or mastery stars in each. Players are required to replay these scenes before they can unlock more chapters and move on in the story, but items may change locations in each playthrough to alter the experience.

Journals of the Unknown is currently growing in users since its launch a few weeks ago. The game has 73,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. It has gained 41,000 of those players in the last seven days. Jane Goodhart’s Journals of the Unknown is now available to play for free on Facebook.

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