Sofia Vergara Chats Candidly with Howard Stern

Actress makes first public comments about ex-fiance Nick Loeb's embryonic custody efforts.

After Nick Loeb laid out in the New York Times last week the details of his embryonic custody battle with Sofia Vergara, the actress had no comment when asked about the op-ed at the Thursday premiere of her latest movie Hot Pursuit. But today on The Howard Stern Show, she gracefully addressed this very strange situation.

Vergara told Stern she did not read the NYT piece, partly because her publicist told her the op-ed made “no sense.” She and the host agreed that if Loeb wants to be a father, he should go ahead and do so with other principals. Especially since two separate contracts signed by Vergara and Loeb at the time of the embryonic freezings prevent him from doing anything independently. “There’s nothing really going on,” Vergara explained this morning. “It’s signed, it’s done. We have a contract.”

Other topics covered during the breezy SiriusXM interview included Vergara’s childhood, whether she keeps the lights on during intimate moments and the famous Pepsi commercial she made in the late 1980s, at age 17.