A Pair of Seasoned Cuba Travel Editors

JFK travelers are about to join the audience for What's On Havana!

Thanks to the debut this coming week of JFK-to-Havana charter flights, there’s no better time to peruse the monthly magazine What’s On Havana!


The issue above is co-branded with the name of the service offering the JFK flights, Cuba Travel Services. But the real editorial stars are Cuba Absolutely partners Sofia Beckman and John Walters, based in the UK and Canada respectively.

Their What’s On Havana! is an extremely impressive and informative publication. Starting with this month’s cover story by Ricardo Alberto Peréz about Omara Portuondo, a legendary Cuban entertainer still going strong in her mid-80s:

When she was exactly 17 years old (in 1947) her professional career began as part of the Loquibambia group directed by one of the legends of Cuban music, composer José Antonio Méndez, one of the creators of filin With this experience, she also came into contact with jazz and Cuban percussion. But it is her special bond with the style known as filin that became one of the most transcendental episodes in her life

There’s also in the current issue profiles of actresses Mirtha Ibarra and Broselianda Hernandez as well as an essay by Hawaii-based documentary filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano relating his experiences on the island and encounters with pop group Los Zafiros.

[Cover image via: cubatravelservices.com]