SodaStream Super Bowl Ad Rejected for Picking on Big Soda Brands

We recently told you about SodaStream’s clever ad being pulled for “denigrating” the bottled drinks market — or, as we saw it, being a little too effective at competing with Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Now, SodaStream’s newest spot, dubbed “Game Changer” and created specifically for the Super Bowl, has been rejected by CBS for similar reasons.

Because SodaStream is a direct competitor of the Big Soda brands that tend to be omnipresent during the Super Bowl — and because the proposed ad isn’t shy about taking direct aim at those brands — even the company itself isn’t surprised “Game Changer” was rejected.

CMO of SodaStream International Ilan Nacasch said in a release, “We understand that the ‘Game Changer’ ad may be uncomfortable to the Big Soda companies, but we are proud of the ad and the truth that it brings to the American consumer.”

That “truth,” according to CEO Daniel Birnbaum, is that “500 million bottles and cans are manufactured every day in the U.S and less than 50% are recycled, causing untold damage to our environment…Our ad confronts the beverage industry…by showing people that there exists a smarter way to enjoy soft drinks.”

A cool product with a save-the-world angle? No wonder the big brands are a little nervous. The rejected ad will air internationally beginning next week (but you, lucky readers, can watch it now below).

An ad titled SodaStream Effect will air in its place as the company’s official Super Bowl ad on Feb. 3.

Both commercials were the result of what the company calls a “non-traditional collaboration” between Alex Bogusky, the creative team at Pale Dot Voyage, and Executive Integrated Producer Chris Kyriakos of Octopus of Mind. Take a look at both ads below and let us know which one you like better. But beware — if your sensitive constitution renders you unable to cope with poor, defenseless giant soda conglomerates being picked on, look away, child, look away.

Game Changer:

SodaStream Effect: