Soda Or Pop? A Twitter Map Of Soft Drinks [MAP]

What do you call a cool glass of bubbly, sugary goodness? Soda? Coke? Pop?

There is actually a geographical pattern to what people call soft drinks, and a data scientist has mapped it – using Twitter.

Edwin Chen examined geo-tagged tweets that contained either “pop”, “soda” or “coke” to determine what people typically call their fizzy drinks where.

He filtered out tweets that were not actually soft drink related and the “coke” tweets that referred specifically to the brand Coca-Cola.

The below map of the US shows the aggregated nearby tweets containing one of the three soda pop terms:

So what can we glean from this data? Here’s Chen’s takeaways:

  • The South is pretty Coke-heavy.
  • Soda belongs to the Northeast and far West.
  • Pop gets the mid-West, except for some interesting spots of blue around Wisconsin and the Illinois-Missouri border.

And interestingly, when Chen maps these Twitter soft drink terms to a global map, the term “pop” almost disappears – it appears to be a phenomenon predominantly in the United States and parts of Canada.

Chen notes that the prevalence of “coke” might be because of the difficulty of eliminating all mentions of the brand name Coke, but it’s still an interesting map nonetheless!

So what term do you use to refer to soft drinks where you are? And do you tweet it often? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: The Atlantic Wire; Soft drink image via Shutterstock)