Socioclean Wants to Clean Up Your Profile

Like its name suggests, Socioclean cleans up your profile on social networks.

Think your Facebook account is clean? Think again. Although you may have blocked your boss and ex from viewing photos, wall posts, or information that may be criminating, there may still be some old indiscretions buried deep on the last page of your wall or in the album of a friend you didn’t know was set to public, just waiting for someone to see.

Scared? Don’t worry – start up Socioclean has an application that can help you out. And best of all, right now it’s free.

Here’s how it works: To sign up all you need is an email address and a password. Then you’ll be asked if it’s ok to log into Facebook just one more time. After clicking the blue ‘connect’ button that gives the application access to your information and your friends,’ you can enter specific terms you’d like screened. I screened ‘sex’ and ‘drunk’, and after about a minute I got a report back that shows how many times those words were mentioned, plus a ton more.

Up at the top it sorts by wall messages, status messages, photos, and groups. Even if no search criterion is entered, the tool is going to search for pre-defined words. It searched for terms like beer, WTF, kill, poop, skank, murder, tequila, and of course all the obscenities.

According to Jake Hurd, director of marketing and communication at the company, the company is adding an ‘advanced search option’ that will enable users to only search for the custom words, but it didn’t matter to me – I thought it was pretty handy that they have a list of pre loaded words.

Search results went back to posts from 2007, and looked pretty comprehensive. Yikes – I had forgotten I had all of those posts still visible for all to see.

The service only scans content posted to your wall that is public, “basically any status, picture tag, groups postings that are public and visible to other users. So your personal message are off-limits,” says Hurd.

If you think this sounds like the same service ReputationDefender offers, Hurd says SocioClean is pretty different. Whereas the former “focuses on internet search results”, Socioclean “targets social network content within Facebook, Twitter, [and other social networking sites]. We promote self governance where user can run this scan at their discretion and keep their profile clean of any inappropriate content that might hurt their online reputation,” Hurd said via email.

Have you tried out Socioclean and did it help you clean up your profile at all?