SocialToo Wants You to Give Out Its Vanity URLs Instead

Facebook may have just launched its own vanity URL service, but SocialToo is hoping you’ll give out its vanity URLs, which redirect to your Facebook profile, instead. Why?

The service offers analytics tools that give users valuable information on who’s clicking on the SocialToo vanity URLs, much like other URL shorteners do for web publishers. The new tools will track referring site, browser, and geographic location, with more coming in the future.

When you sign up, you’ll also have the option of adding your Twitter account information to auto follow, unfollow or create surveys in your Tweets. Some of the features and tools are fee-based, but the basic service is free.

With the rush on Facebook vanity URLs this weekend, this service also offers a way to promote a URL with a better vanity URL than you might be able to get on Facebook. But will many disappointed users that aren’t able to grab their own names or business URLs are willing to turn to another service?