SocialToo Creates App to Syndicate Facebook Status Updates

Last week, Facebook launched a Twitter application enabling Facebook Page owners to automatically post links to their content on Twitter as well. While the app included features to filter which types of content posted to your Facebook Page get published on Twitter, it didn’t support personal Facebook profiles.

Now, Utah-based startup SocialToo has just released a Facebook application that does just that. Once you authenticate your Twitter account, you can choose the “SocialToo” app from the Facebook publisher dropdown to automatically post your status updates to Twitter as well.

It’s the simplest syndication app for personal profiles we’ve seen yet – though we expect to see more apps that take advantage of Facebook’s Open Stream API in the coming weeks and months.

Together with Facebook’s Twitter application for Facebook Pages (which could itself be opened up to personal profiles soon), Facebook could become one of the largest sources of tweets within the Twitter ecosystem. Historically, Twitter has been one of the most popular Facebook applications publishing status updates into Facebook.