and Buddy Media Partner to Serve Premium Brands, the largest standalone ad network on the Facebook Platform, and Buddy Media, a leading creator of Facebook Buddy Mediaapplications  for brands, are today announcing a partnership that will allow brands to execute social media application advertising campaigns through a single buy.

Working together, Socialmedia and Buddy Media will be able to create, deploy, and promote application campaigns, providing a single set of metrics to measure success. The companies have already worked together on campaigns for FedEx, New Balance, and Anheuser Busch. The partnership is part of’s Premium Partner Program and Buddy Media’s App-vertising Reseller Program.

“In many ways, the app is the new ad unit, and many marketers are beginning to realize that,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media.

As more brands enter the Facebook Platform, it will become increasingly important for brands to see consistent metrics across their social media campaigns. Social app-vertisement developers like Buddy Media and social ad networks like Socialmedia must continue to work together to help agencies participate in and build the Facebook Platform economy.