SocialMedia Opens Up Their Ad Network

Last night Nick Gonzalez covered SocialMedia’s launch of their ad network to anybody. The advertising market on Facebook is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. Last week I reported on Facebook’s intention to launch an ad network. I’m guessing that we will see that launch in the coming weeks and I have a feeling that SocialMedia will be one of the primary targets of competition. That’s one of the risks involved with launching on the platform.

If you position yourself to take on Facebook in any area, there’s a good chance that they are going to knock you out of the market sooner rather than later. That’s the one conflicts of interest involved with the Facebook platform. While I don’t currently have details on the Facebook ad network, entering the ad network on the platform is a major risk. Fortunately for a few of these ad networks, there are some serious investors that are taking the risk.

One of the other major challenges facing the various ad networks on the platform is finding media partners that are looking to advertise across the applications. The primary ads I have seen within these networks so far are all other Facebook applications. One thing is for sure though: SocialMedia is trying to position themselves at the leader of the pack in ad networks. It will be interesting to see how this pans out!

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