What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About PeopleBrowsr

The PeopleBrowsr Platform is a social search engine with real-time viral analytics for brand engagement, combining ReSearch.ly, Viral Analytics and the Command Center. After the jump - what you need to know about PeopleBrowsr.

The PeopleBrowsr Platform is a social search engine with real-time analytics for brand engagement, combining ReSearch.ly, Viral Analytics and the Command Center.

Recently, PeopleBrowsr released ReSearch.ly with 1,000 days of data designed to deliver social search analytics through geo-location, sentiment analysis, real-time and historical mentions. ReSearch.ly can be used to help identify Brand Champions and top influencers within interest-based communities, as well as map degrees of separation.

PeopleBrowsr’s Enterprise Services help brands and advertising agencies with campaigns to build audience engagement, provide in-depth analytics with human sentiment analysis and offer customized social media reporting.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

PeopleBrowsr can be used to identify top key influencers, map an interest graph to find Brand Champions, build engaged audiences, and create in-depth campaign reporting for social media ROI. The company defines a Brand Champion as an influencer who has a wide audience of friends who are discussing a relevant topic.

Coolest feature

Interest Graph – With ReSearch.ly, search 1,000 days of data rapidly, find Brand Champions in the communities they influence, map connections along the interest graph and receive customized Brand Champion Scorecards.

Feature rundown

  • Interest based communities creation and filtering – Create and search within specific communities, e.g., Mommy Bloggers, music lovers, your brand champions
  • 1,000 days of collective intelligence – Explore conversations and get industry insights in real time and historically
  • Viral analytics – See stats on brand sentiment, global metrics, mentions and brand influencers
  • Trends prediction – RT acceleration tracking to predict emerging trends within specific communities and globally

User profile

Global brands and advertising agencies.

User review

“PeopleBrowsr is responsive in every sense of the word – in service, in analytics, in engagement solutions that work. Our work with them in social media campaigns have helped us build a community of truly engaged fans.” Sean Percival, Vice President, Online Marketing, Myspace

Recent news

PeopleBrowsr is rolling out Social Media Command Centers globally.


The PeopleBrowsr Platform – with ReSearch.ly, Viral Analytics and the real-time Command Center – has tiered pricing from $9 to $999. Enterprise Services with customized solutions and services vary for large agencies and global brands.

Compared to competition

According to the company: “Enterprise Services – engage with hyper-targeted audiences with build campaigns, and in-depth custom reporting. Champions by brand – find champions specific to your brand. Influence in Real time – find people that are relevant and influential now. Human sentiment analysis – mechanical turking. PeopleBrowsr Platform – Viral Analytics, Social Search Platform, Social Engagement Command Center integrated into one end-to-end solution. Viral Analytics – see deep viral analytics, predict trends to engage in popular conversations. 1,000 days of collective intelligence – the PeopleBrowsr datamine stores 10,000 posts per second to retrieve and index the collective intelligence. Team of industry experts – including Brian Solis and Tim O’Reilly – provide critical analysis for specialized research.”

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