SocialMedia Launching Targeted Ads

Seth Goldstein spoke earlier this morning at the Graphing Social Patterns conference. During his talk he announced a number of new tools to help developers monetize their application. One of these programs was a new system for targeting ads based on interests of users. These interests are compiled via a survey system that they developed for their own application network. As of now, they have received over 50 million responses to questions.

The second program that they are launching is a program called “datapoints.” Datapoints enables developers to monetize the virtual currency that they have developed for their own applications. Users can earn currency by responding to surveys. That currency can then be used to purchase virtual or physical goods.

I previously covered another virtual currency on Facebook, that has serious backing to try and become the largest virtual currency on Facebook. I think this new service by SocialMedia has disturbed the virtual currency environment.

Some other interesting information that Seth displayed during his presentation is a new feature on Appsaholic that enables you to view network activity within the SocialMedia network. I have featured a screen shot below. I have to wonder if some of these numbers are deflated but if they aren’t, Facebook applications may not be as lucrative as one would imagine. Happy hour, one of the more popular applications on Facebook, is bringing in $100,000 a year. While it’s nothing to sneeze at, it may not be as significant as one would have imagined.

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