What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Unilyzer

Unilyzer is a web-based software application that delivers integrated Internet and social network analytics and as analytics dashboards, management reports and charting tools. After the jump - what you need to know about Unilyzer.

Unilyzer is a web-based software application that delivers integrated Internet and social network analytics as analytics dashboards, management reports and charting tools.
It brings together analytics from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and Linkedin to provide a holistic view of brands’ network status.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Correlates web and social analytics for each campaign.
  • Demonstrates the impact of social web activities to discover what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Designed to reduce the time needed to generate a holistic view of web and social performance.
  • Automatically integrates data from Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and LinkedIn.
  • More efficient and accurate than manually integrating and synchronizing timelines across various data sources.
  • Helps in understanding and tracking the composition of brand fan base – demographics, geographic locations, interactions, activity rates, external referral sources, churn rates, growth rates and more.
  • Analysis tools show trends on a by-network and by-metric basis to assist in identifying strengths and weaknesses to improve marketing performance.

Coolest feature
Patent-pending technology enables web publication of a brand-designed, dynamic dashboard to view updates as they happen. The publishing user can also set passwordword protection and assign an expiry date to the published dashboard.
Feature rundown

  • Management Reporting: Transactional detail reporting of period-over-period metric comparisons.
  • Charting Tools: Visualize metric, URL and fan page comparisons over time to uncover trends. Over 65 Facebook Page and social network metrics available.
  • Utility Features: Export data. Print, email and/or publish functions.
  • Listening and Search: Built-in twitter and social mention search.
  • White Label: Agencies can offer standard or customized solutions and online services can integrate with their online solutions.

User profile
The ideal Unilyzer customer is an in-house marketer, social media marketing specialist or agency charged with growing and/or optimizing a brand’s footprint on social media networks. This customer has a strategy and needs feedback and interaction tools to adjust tactics. Additionally, these customers are likely using Google Analytics and are interested in correlating social and web analytics.

Starts at $24 per month. Agency version is $199 per month. White label version starts at $500 for setup plus customized seat licensing.

Compared to competition
According to the company, “Unilyzer is the gold standard in middle market social marketing intelligence platforms and provides extraordinary value per dollar spent. Unilyzer provides a methodology for growing and managing a social network presence, and it’s delivery components are structured in a meaningful way. Unilyzer doesn’t just compile information and provide pretty charts and graphs – it does it in an effective way, based on business intelligence best practices.”
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