What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About uberVU

uberVU provides real-time mentions, analytics and options to help brands understand the impact social media has on their business. After the jump - what you need to know about uberVU.

uberVU is designed to help brands stay on top of their social media using a single tool.

It displays real-time mentions from social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogs. uberVU provides analytics and reporting in a bundle that aims to make it faster and easier to understand and act upon relevant social media activity.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Monitors important social media platforms and communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit in real-time, while applying filters for language, sentiment, platform and influence. This helps detect important conversations; measure mentions, reach, sentiment, geographic distribution and share of voice; and find brand-relevant influencers and channels.
  • Manage Twitter, Facebook and blog engagement to seed content and facilitate conversation.
  • Real-time and forensic campaign metrics to assess and improve results.

Coolest feature

Speed of deployment. Brands that are aware of the keywords they want to track can set-up the dashboard in very little time.

Feature rundown

  • Team collaboration on campaigns to tag mentions, assign tasks and interact with social media conversations on appropriate platforms. To improve workflow, users and user groups can be assigned different permissions.
  • Generate graphs and charts related to mentions, distribution across major social media platforms, sentiment evolution, geolocation and reach.

User profile

The brand/marketing department of a company that has Twitter and Facebook presence who wants to streamline its social media participation, budget their campaign resources, connect with people that matter and measure results.

User review

“The product and output you get from Ubervu is just as good as the more expensive options out there. We are living in a real time world right now and uberVU allows us to document and to keep track of any activity. This is good for our clients as it shows the value we are bringing. It shows that we’ve had impact on buzz, messages and views. Without showing our value we don’t have a company. uberVU helps us a lot to show our value to our clients.” – Strictly Social (social media agency)

Recent news

uberVu established a partnership with email marketing firm iContact.


Plans start at $50 per month. uberVU has a professional plan for large brands agencies that includes white-labeling and resale options, access to historic data, support and API access.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “uberVU is better than other tools because it’s easy to setup and packages a lot of what you would get in a clunky, expensive enterprise tool in a simple, fast and intuitive box. It’s a tool that allows you to pay as you go and that starts to deliver in minutes, not hours or days.”

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