What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Spiral16

Spiral16 offers a web-monitoring platform and 3D visual-mapping tool that gathers and analyzes relevant, in-depth business intelligence. After the jump - what you need to know about Spiral16.

Spiral16 offers a web-monitoring platform and 3D visual-mapping tool that gathers and analyzes relevant, in-depth business intelligence. Its analytics’ team helps brands set up, test and implement the topics the Spiral16 technology collects and correlates from targeted digital content.

The objectives of improving relevancy and efficiency are supported by a professional services team offering data analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

The Spiral16 platform is deigned to help companies monitor their brand reputations, identify influencers, measure campaign effectiveness, gather competitive intelligence and generate leads. Understanding how a brand lives online and how it is perceived by others can improve preparedness from a standpoint of risk and reputation management, as well as revealing trends and potential crisis.

The data visualization tool helps brands measure the reach of messages, identify the most influential conversations and prioritize engagement opportunities. In addition, it can provide insights into the “language” customers are using and quantify the buzz generated by a specific campaign.

Coolest feature

Spiral16 builds a 3D visual map of the web pages surrounding the topic of interest by analyzing URLs, finding links and processing the positive/negative sentiment related to the brand being examined. The 3D Virtualization is designed to improve and speed understanding of the data with a visual snapshot of the data that can be drilled down to individual pages.

Feature rundown

  • Focus on Relevant Data – Spiral16 staff sets up and runs test queries to narrow focus for accurate, relevant results. Data goes through a manual correlation period and set of matched percentages for relevancy. The initial pool of results is vetted to determine the best semantic composition examples and most relevant results. Data is then collected, analyzed and presented in multiple dashboards with customization, filtering and export tools to focus on the specific data relevant to brand strategy.
  • Consultative Customer Service – The analytics’ team works with brands to set the goals and objectives of each project to seek the most relevant, targeted data possible.
  • Comprehensive Web Monitoring – Spiral16 technology gathers and correlates information from all live web pages, concurrently checking against search engines and indexing RSS feeds.
  • Virtualization – The 3D Virtualization is focused on seeing and understanding online connections at a glance. Spiral16’s visualization is color-coded to each page’s sentiment, displays each page’s influence ranking, allows changing views by custom data sets or website categories (to narrow focus) and view the actual page with one click. It allows visualization of the spread of messages so users can locate those pages and authors who are most important to their brands.

User profile

Spiral16 is for brands, publishers and marketing and PR agencies who want to understand online trends in their industry and what people are saying about their brand.

User review

“Spiral 16 delivers deep, pertinent results for complex social data mining challenges. I am particularly enthralled – you might even call it ‘obsessed’ – with the Virtualization Tool that enables us to explore social relationships in new and exciting ways to provide extraordinary insight and true value to our clients.” – Wendy Scherer, The Social Studies Group

Recent news

An upcoming upgrade will include:

  • Direct comparison of historical data from different topics.
  • Tags to create customized data groups to sub-organize projects.
  • Detail view displaying a semantic cloud for each specific page listing relevant inbound and outbound link connections.
  • Domain view groups pages under their respective domain, with URLs, titles, categories, and average sentiment for at-a-glance browsing.


Pricing begins at $500 for five queries.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Using more than just RSS feeds as a data source, the software is not limited by any “start date” when its crawlers start collecting posts. Any web page currently in existence on the Internet, and indexed by one of the major public engines that Spiral16 sources, can be brought in. Spiral16 monitors, analyzes, and measures the most relevant conversations on the Internet by gathering data from the top 20+ standard search engines, along with data pulled from a substantial pool of popular and client-defined RSS feeds to provide near real-time monitoring. Our data is superior – it contains less spam and more relevant results. We pride ourselves on our ongoing assistance and customer service. We also offer data analytics, ongoing project management, and professional services, such as reporting. We are the only platform out there with a data visualization tool that helps companies and their clients understand their online presence and messaging at a glance.”

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